Dispute Resolution Board Foundation Region 3

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Member Executive Board Position  Address Contact Details
Steven Goldstein President 

Level 44
MLC Centre
Martin Place
Sydney   NSW  2000

Phone: 612-9220-6100
Email:   goldstein@ebc44.com 
Alan Keith McLennan Vice President Alan McLennan Strategic Services Pty Ltd
PO Box 314
The Gap QLD   4061
Phone: 617-3300-1849
Email: alan.k.mclennan@gmail.com
Doug Jones AM RFD Immediate Past President  Partner, Clayton Utz
Level 15, 1 Bligh Street
Sydney NSW   2000
Phone: 612-9353-4000
Email: djones@claytonutz.com
Ronald A. Finlay AM Secretary Finlay Consulting
One Bligh Street, Suite 18, Level 26
Sydney NSW 2000
Phone: 612-8226-8570
Email: ron.finlay@fincon.com.au
Barry Tozer Treasurer 51/29 Bennelong Road
Homebush Bay NSW 2127
Phone: 612-9232-5543
Email: barry_tozer@bigpond.com
Graham R. Easton Country Representative 73 Carlotta Street
Greenwich NSW   2065
Phone: 612-9438-2930
Email: geaston@bigpond.net.au
Brian Millar Member Representing SA & WA Barrister & Arbitrator FCIArb
Lvl 19, Francis Burt Chambers
77 St George's Terrace
Perth WA 6000
Phone: 612-9947-9729
Email: brian.millar1@me.com
Lindsay Le Compte Nominee of ACA Australian Constructors Assoc. Ltd.
Level 2, 51 Walker Street
North Sydney NSW 2060
Phone: 612-9466-5522
Email: lindsay.lecompte@constructors.com.au
Richard Kell, AM, FTSE Nominee of Consult Australia  84 Wellington Street
East Lindfield NSW 2070
Phone: 612-9496-7700
Email: richard.kell@cardno.com.au
Graeme Maxwell Peck Data Coordinator G M Peck & Associates Pty Ltd
6 Avona Crescent
Seaforth NSW   2092
Phone: 612-9907-9632
Email: gmp@gmpeck.com.au
Stephen Callaghan  Member representing NSW, Qld and Vic GPO Box 1658
Brisbane   Qld  4001
Phone:  617-3425-1948
Email:   callaghan@powerupgroup.com
Ian McIntyre Member representing NSW, Qld and Vic 8/787 Upper Pitt Street
Kirribilli   NSW   2061
Phone: 612-9495-0518
Email: ian.mcintyre@advisian.com 
Peer Dalland Member representing Principals P O Box 4059
Killcare   NSW   2257
Phone: 612-4360-252
Email: peer@dalland.com.au 
Graeme Christie Member representing New Zealand 

c/- Simpson Grierson
Lumley Lane
Auckland New Zealand 

Phone: 649-977-5074
Email: graeme.christie@simpsongrierson.com